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CARS Program

by | Oct 2, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Clinton County Community Action Program has operated a CARS Program since 2000. Since the inception of the CARS Program the agency has assisted a large number of Clinton County residents with the purchase of a reliable vehicle. The goal of the program is to assist employed individuals in purchasing a vehicle that would otherwise be unable to obtain a vehicle due to poor credit, high monthly payments, etc.
Community Action is the financier of the vehicle. To apply individuals need to complete an application providing proof of income and their license. A committee looks at the application and then an interview is scheduled with the applicant.
Once an applicant is approved then they are contacted to look a vehicle. Prior to placing a vehicle in the program a mechanic inspects it to ensure it is in good condition. There is no down payment but the applicant is required to pay for the tax, title and tags. A clear title will be provided to the owner once the vehicle is paid in full.
For further information individuals can call Community Action at 382-8365.