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Clinton Maid

Clinton Maid is a full maid service that has been in operation since October, 2005. The homemakers provide sweeping, mopping, dusting, oven & refrigerator cleaning, window cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and all general cleaning services. They will also do laundry and shop if requested.

All homemakers have BCI checks, driver’s license checks, are bonded, and insured. Each homemaker receives 20 hours of training before they are placed in a client’s home on their own. They also study and are tested for 8 additional hours annually. They are scheduled so the client knows when to expect them and to keep their work hours consistent with the client’s and the employee’s needs. They are required to have a working telephone, reliable transportation, and be available a minimum of 5.5 hours on the days they’re scheduled to work.

Clinton Maid is here to meet your cleaning needs. Keep the money local and help the community. Whether it is a home or office, give us a call to set up an appointment. Please call Jonda McCarren at 937-382-7170 or email [email protected].

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