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A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the 1st Annual Fall Fashion Gala to benefit the Aging Up Senior Center. To those who volunteered to model, set up the facility, prepare food and serve.                                                                                             
A special thank you to Natalie Youd, owner of Strength and Dignity, for sponsoring the entire event. This is a small business owner truly supporting a community event. And to Carole France who presented the prospect of doing a fashion show and then did all the leg work to obtain community support.                                                
Thank you to the following community businesses/individuals who provided door prizes and/or donations for the event:
Ace Hardware, Amazon, Joan Burge, Bush Auto, Carole France, Carrie Ziegler Insurance, Divine Image, Dr. Aschi, Dr. Brian Santin, General Denver, Gerald Perelman, DPM, Hairway 2 Heaven, Kairos Coffee, Lowes, Making the Cut, McCarty Gardens, Murphy Theatere, Peoples Bank, Rome Jewelers, Steve Burnett, Strength & Dignity, Tin Cap, Tom Breckel, Trusty Insurance Group, Walmart, Wilmington Convention & Visitor Bureau, Wilmington Savings Bank.
Mark your calendars for October 28, 2023!
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