WILMINGTON — The Wilmington Savings Bank Clinton County Aging Up Center has emerged as a vital hub for seniors in the county, offering them a haven of safety, sustenance, transportation, meals and crucially, physical and social opportunities that often go unnoticed.

With an emphasis on fostering holistic well-being, the center stands as a testament to the value of maintaining an active mind and body as individuals age, according to a news release.

Central to the center’s ethos is the creation of an environment of socialization that transcends generational boundaries. The center has sought to meld experiences between its older adults and the Head Start children, necessitating an expansion.

This transformation led to the conversion of existing spaces, including the re-imagining of a section into a Head Start classroom. However, this shift inadvertently led to the removal of the seniors’ exercise area, prompting the establishment of the Mike Daugherty Exercise Room to address this concern.

The Wilmington Savings Bank Clinton County Aging Up Center does not rely on local funding. Instead, the dedicated staff seeks out various funding opportunities to bolster the center’s operations. Key among these were the Legacy Fund of the Clinton County Foundation and a Target of Opportunity Grant granted by the Clinton County Commissioners. These sources of support made it possible to realize the vision of the exercise room and the broader multi-generational facility.

In honor of Judge Michael Daugherty, a longstanding member of the Clinton County Community Action Board of Trustees, the newly-established exercise room will carry his name. Judge Daugherty’s dedication and passion for Community Action programs earned him recognition as a champion of the center’s mission, particularly its outreach to both the senior population and the Head Start program’s children.

An open house was recently held to celebrate the occasion.

He believed in the program’s mission, and he especially had compassion for both the senior population and the children in the Head Start program. His enduring legacy lives on, leaving an indelible mark on the community he cherished, Community Action officials said. Despite his untimely departure, his memory remains evergreen in the hearts of many, a symbol of dedication and contribution to the betterment of Clinton County through Community Action initiatives.