Mobility Management

What is Mobility Management?

Mobility management is an innovative approach for managing and delivering coordinated transportation services to all residents, including older adults, people with disabilities, and individuals with lower incomes. Mobility management focuses on meeting individual customer needs through a wide range of transportation options and service providers. It also focuses on coordinating these services and providers to achieve a more efficient transportation service delivery system.

Mobility management is NOT a transportation provider.

What does the Clinton County Mobility Manager do?

The Mobility Manager is here to help ALL Clinton County residents to find a solution from existing transportation options, along with exploring the possibility of new options. We offer assistance to Clinton County residents, including families, students, elderly and those with disabilities or low income to find transportation solutions.

If you are an individual or community group that needs help understanding and using Community transportation options – Clinton County Mobility Management is here to help!

How to Contact?

For more information please contact Allison Katter, Clinton County Mobility Manager at 937-382-8365.

Clinton County Mobility Management – Increasing mobility and access to transportation for all residents of Clinton County.

Mobility Management is sponsored by Clinton County Community Action Program, Inc. and funded by the Ohio Department of Transportation and HealthFirst for Clinton County.